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Different Types of Locking Systems to Use in the Office

Like homes, offices must also be secured in order to protect the employees, clients, documents, information and properties from intruders. One way to keep the security of a building is by having locks installed. Locksmith companies provide installation service for businesses. Since there are different types of locking systems available in the market, you may also ask the help of these experts for choosing the best system for your office. Here are some of the different types of locking systems to select from. No matter what type of lock system you prefer, they can work on the locksmith services you need.

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Cylinder Locks
These types of locks are often used on doors. The key must be inserted and twisted to one side in order to open the lock. It then needs to be turned to the other side to lock the door. This is more secured than the usual locks as it can be easily locked from the inside but those who do not have access to the right key will not be able to open it even through picking. Lock installation of these types is simpler than high security locks.
Combination Locks
As the term suggests, a set of numbers is used for unlocking. These are often used on lockers. So if employees use lockers in the office, this is one of the types of locks that are often used. Other combination locks also come with keys so they can still be opened in case you forgot the number combination.
Cam Locks
These locks are often used in cabinets and drawers. The key should be inserted and turned in order to open. But they are not that secured so they are good for cabinets that do not contain important items or documents. But if you need more secured file cabinet locks, you can always ask the advice of the experts.
Access Control Locks
There are different types of access control locks that can be used in the office. They provide better security since they cannot be opened with simple unlocking tools. If you already have existing locks on your office but prefer this type of locking system, you can always call for an office lock change. Some of these systems use keypads, card readers, fingerprint access and controls for opening and closing doors remotely.

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